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In 2003, Stetson became the first decorator in the country to apply sustainability initiatives, policies and procedures to the tradeshow floor. This was the beginning of a revolutionary change in the exposition industry.

Some examples of the sustainable solutions that are available to our clients include:


  • Stetson recycles, repurposes & donates 100% of carpet no longer suitable for show use

  • 100% recyclable Visqueen made of 50% recycled content

  • Recycled synthetic fiber carpet padding

  • Compostable and biodegradable wastebasket liners

  • Compostable table-top coverings

  • Organic / recycled  signage substrates

  • Signage with no hard solvents or high VOC inks

  • Biodegradable cleaning solvents

  • Extensive Show site recycling and waste management programs

  • Donation programs for left over show materials

  • Year to year show signage reuse and graphic storage capabilities

  • Sustainable Exhibit Assessment surveys to encourage increased sustainability practices amongst vendors

Through stewardship and commitment to corporate social responsibility, Stetson has become the most recognized and respected leader in the exposition community.  Including environmental leadership practices, and industry and local community activism.


Stetson’s dedication to “accelerating the adoption of sustainable practices and policies for the exposition industry™” has led to many distinctions, including leadership roles with EDPA & EACA, culminating in the appointment of a Stetson Executive Team member as the Chair in the CIC/APEX/ASTM Standards Writing Initiative, the first effort of its kind in North America.

While the process of “going green” is evolutionary, Stetson is proud to maintain our position as “America’s Greenest Exposition Contractor” characterized by our dedication to offering environmentally conscientious products on shows we produce at no additional cost.

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