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Stetson understands that one of the most integral parts of an event is creating impacting visuals with quality signage. We will ensure that your events message is well represented and crafts a significant impression on exhibitors and attendees alike. Our creative department’s mission is to bring inspiration, creativity, and innovation to every design while achieving customer satisfaction.

Custom Displays

Stetson offers complete services including the design and building of custom displays for exhibitors and show management areas. We offer the flexibility of design that fits your unique needs and budget.

Interactive Floor Design

Stetson can assist in the planning and production of experiential and interactive areas within the show floor. We offer ideas and guidance to engage attendees, create comfortable networking areas, and increase creativity and traffic flow on the show floor.

Creative Design

Stetson will work with your ideas or provide creative inspiration to deliver original and eye catching designs. We make the process easy to achieve an impressive finished product. 


We are excited about creative possibilities and are continually uploading new ideas and concepts to our Pinterest board. Please feel free to view and follow our page.   

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